NC 12 closed in 2nd area, surf breaching dunes and washing under homes on Outer Banks

KITTY HAWK, NC (WNCT) — Dare County Emergency Services reports that the Kitty Hawk Police Department has closed NC 12.


The highway is closed from Kitty Hawk Rd. to Lillian St. due to overwash/road integrity. Overwash is also occurring in other areas.

NC 12 was closed starting on Friday on Ocracoke Island where it was closed due to soundside flooding between mile markers 73 (Ocracoke-Hatteras Ferry Terminal) and 78 (Pony Pens). The area is still closed on Sunday.

According to Hyde County Emergency Services Department, flooding is estimated to be 2 to 2.5 feet in depth, and ferry operations have been suspended between Hatteras and Ocracoke until the road re-opens.

It is a much different day along the coast of the Outer Banks Sunday.

The ocean is angry and is breaching some dunes in place to separate the water from the beach homes in Kitty Hawk. Some houses are already flooding and neighbors nearby worry their homes are next.

WNCT caught up with some visitors and residents as they looked on the worsening situation along North Virginia Dare Drive near Mile Marker 2.5. Those from out-of-town say they’re worried for their safety.

“We got out here yesterday, it was beautiful,” says Jennifer Sherman, who is visiting North Carolina with friends from New Jersey. “We walked out to the beach. It was gorgeous. We thought, ‘Oh great! We’ve totally dodged this bullet.’ We could see that the waves were crazy but that’s it. We come out this morning and look at it. It’s like the beach is coming out. We’re kind of concerned. We’re only one house in and we’re worried. Are we going to be safe or what?”

Locals recommend proceeding with caution.

“You can’t beat Mother Nature, no matter how hard you try,” says Kitty Hawk resident Kathy Johns. “Mother Nature is going to do her thing.”

Johns says this is certainly not the first time and likely will not be the last time the ocean causes this area to flood. She plans to seek higher ground with her family until the storm passes.

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