North Topsail Beach shoreline eroded ‘significantly’

Photo from the town of North Topsail Beach

NORTH TOPSAIL BEACH, NC (WNCT) — Town of North Topsail Beach officials say there was no major structural damage to any of the buildings or homes in town.


A news release from the town pointed to 13 inches of rain in 5 days as the cause for ponding of area roadways, which has started to recede. However, the water level near Gray Street on Highway 210 continues to be high.

A detour will remain in this area until the road is clear of standing water. Additionally, water levels on the sound side remain high and there is flooding on the end of some roads and water under some properties.

The town’s shoreline and dune system was significantly impacted by the weekend weather event. Several dune breaches and significant dune loss exists along the town’s 11 miles of shoreline. Nearly all of that dune damage occurred in areas that have not had shoreline restoration. Over 100 crossovers were damaged and there is a large amount of debris still along the shoreline.

Public Works crews worked throughout the storm and will continue to remove the debris as the tide allows. It is expected to take several more days. Officials urge beachgoers to take caution as they walk along the shoreline, and when using crossovers; a rip current risk warning remains in effect.

The town says that roads in the north end area near New River Inlet were susceptible to flooding during the storm when the sand bag revetment (completed in March 2015) was experienced overwash at high tide. Maintenance crews worked throughout the storm restacking fallen sand bags. They’ll continue to make repairs.

No damage to primary structures was spotted in the sand bag revetment area. However, the parking lot off of River Road lost approximately 12 additional feet from the storm. There’s also still standing water toward the end of River Road Extension. Local traffic and pedestrian traffic are permitted north of Seagull Lane. The area will be re-opened to public vehicular traffic when water levels subside at the end of River Road and maintenance crews are clear of the area.

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