Pig Racing moves up to the big time for 2015 NC State Fair

Photo by Hogway Speedway Racing Pigs Facebook page

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – The pig races at the N.C. State Fair are moving up to the big time.

A yearly favorite, the Pig Races – both regular and pot bellied — attract a crowd of all kinds: kids, parents, college students – everyone.

The races are one of the best live events at the fair – and even better, they are free.

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Everyone loves to watch the swift swine rush around the track to get a cheese puff, which is what they are awarded at the end of the race.

This year, the pig races are moving on up to a larger space behind the Kerr Scott Building near Gate 10, according to the N.C. State Fair organizers.

“More seating for better viewing of the swifty swine!” the fair planners said.

 In the past, Dennis Cook has run the Circle C Racing Pigs on the “Hogway Speedway” at the N.C. State Fair.

The pigs are usually given names that are similar to those of NASCAR drivers. In the recent past there has been Piggy Gordon and Squilling Earnhardt Jr.

Audience members are typically chose to cheer for their favorites – and after winning the pig gets a cheese puff and the correct audience member has been given a Blue Ribbon.

And, joining the pigs in the races of their own are goats and ducks.

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