Muslim Cary student concerned he was profiled

Mohamed al-Samman, a Muslim student at Cary High. (al-Samman family)

CARY, N.C. (WNCN) – The repercussions continued Wednesday after a Muslim student at Cary High School was questioned about having a gun — a report that turned out to be a hoax.

Al-Samman with family

The student said he was pulled out of class last week by school administrators checking on reports of a student with a gun. The student believes he was being profiled.

The school system denies that, but his family is worried about how the accusations might follow him.

“Mohamed is a student who wants to go to college –create a lifestyle here –and become an American and we don’t want him deprived of that,” said Khalilah Sabra of the Muslim-American Society Immigration Center.

Mohamed al-Samman left his mother and sister in Syria a month ago to join his father in Cary.

Last week he was at school when officials said a student reported a suspected threat on a school bus.

“Law enforcement and WCPSS Security interviewed multiple students as part of an investigation and quickly determined the threat was false,” said a spokeswoman for the school system.

Mohamed al-Samman of Cary High (al-Samman family)
Mohamed al-Samman of Cary High (al-Samman family)

Al-Samman believes he was profiled because he’s Muslim..

“It’s absolutely not the way we conduct business and we wouldn’t tolerate it—and we won’t make excuses for it,” said Chief Tony Godwin of the Cary Police.

Even though al-Samman was cleared of any accusations, Muslim activists fear what happened at the school may create trouble for him for years.

“Governments check the Internet.,” Sabra said. “It can affect citizenship, where you go to college, where you are accepted to college.”

Al-Samman, his family and Muslim activists will meet with Cary High officials who want to further discuss what happened further and see if some protocols can be set up to avoid similar situations in the future.

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