Wake Co. looking at year-round academic calendar for 12 elementary schools

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – Wake County Public School System officials said they have identified 12 elementary schools that may benefit from being on a year-round academic calendar.

Right now, the traditional calendar is working for most, but officials said out of more than 100 elementary schools, the 12 identified need different resources and structure.

The elementary schools that could be affected are Barwell Road, Brentwood, Bugg, Creech Road, East Garner, Fox Road, Hodge Road, Lincoln Heights, Lynn Road, Smith, Walnut Creek and Wilburn.

On weekday mornings, Charles Howe and his family walk to Fox Road Elementary School to drop off his third-grade son.

“Definitely think we’ve got good teachers, good and dedicated personnel,” he said.

But Fox Road is one of 12 Wake County public elementary schools that officials said need extra resources.

“The elementary schools tend to have a higher rate of high-needs children. They do have lower rates of academic achievement,” said Wake County Public School System Deputy Superintendent Cathy Moore.

She told WNCN one way to help is a year-round academic calendar.

Howe said, “I knew that I was going to oppose it.” Howe said he voiced his opinion on a survey handed out by the school district.

“Scheduling does make it more difficult,” Howe told WNCN reporter Lauren Haviland. He has another child in high school.

“There is a potential in the middle of the year for the youngest to be tracked out, while she’s in school and I have no one to watch him now,” he said.

While school officials are looking at way to help families with conflicted schedules, Moore said this could not only be a positive change for students, but employees, too.

“Also provides time for to have professional development throughout the school year,” Moore said.

Despite that, Howe said a year-round academic calendar is not for his family. He said, “Fox Road is just a half-a-mile from the house I will have to move my child to a different school to get him on a traditional calendar, because it’s not going to work out for me.”

If school officials decide to go with a year-round calendar, it could be implemented as soon as next year.

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