PHOTOS: Naked woman trashes Subway restaurant

ANCHORAGE, Alaska (WFLA) – A Subway restaurant in Anchorage, Alaska is closed after police say a naked woman went on a destructive rampage inside.

alaska subway

See more photos of the Subway and suspect

Anchorage police received a call on Tuesday night from Subway employees. They said a woman had locked herself in the bathroom and was refusing to come out.

Hours later, the woman finally left the bathroom; completely naked and extremely violent. Then she started vandalizing the restaurant.

“Early estimates were that she caused approximately $20,000 worth of damage. She overturned several tables and chairs, ripped signs from the walls and the ceilings, destroyed the refrigerator, a toilet, and also let off a fire extinguisher,” said Anchorage Police Department Spokesperson Renee Oistad.

“I really didn’t want to get anywhere near her. She was smearing feces all over stuff,” a witness told KTUU TV.

Witness Tina Anaya says she was planning to pick up a sandwich for dinner when she pulled up to see the restaurant being trashed.

“When I pulled up, I saw a bunch of the Subway workers outside and I thought they were taking a smoke break,” Anaya told KTUU TV. “But when I looked inside there was a naked woman literally tearing the place apart.”

Officers took Nikki Abrell, 35, into custody and transported her to the hospital for detox.

The Anchorage Police Department said her actions suggested she was on drugs, but they’ve not yet determined what substances were in her system.

The story has gone viral on the web.

“We often receive reports of folks that are either on alcohol or drugs or both, who are acting erratically. In this case, the woman just happened to cause a whole lot of damage in a very public place. So it garnered more attention,” said Oistad.

Abrell was charged with criminal mischief, harrassment and resisting arrest. She is jailed with bond set at $10,000.

The case might remind you of an incident at a St. Petersburg McDonald’s restaurant. In 2014, surveillance cameras recorded a topless woman in a thong as she vandalized a McDonald’s in Pinellas Park.

Information from CNN and KTUU was included in this report.

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