Oysters hard to find this fall at NC coast

Oysters are hard to find now at the North Carolina coast. (WNCT)

MOREHEAD CITY, N.C. (WNCT) – Thursday was the opening day of oyster season and fishermen and seafood markets are starting to prepare along the crystal coast.

But, there’s just one problem.

Due to the recent storms, high tides, and bacterial level in the ocean, there are no oysters to be harvested.

WNCT called multiple local seafood markets across Eastern North Carolina and all of them said they had no oysters in stock.

“Our phone’s been ringing off the hook all day yesterday and today,” said Clayton Rusich, Manager at Blue Ocean Seafood Market in Morehead City. “People wanting fresh, local, salty North Carolina oysters and that is not possible.”

Oyster season typically starts in mid-October and goes until March, but Rusich says this year he doesn’t expect to see many oysters until November.

He also says this year’s oyster season is much different compared to last.

“Normally we would have eight to ten bushels of oysters sitting out there but as of right now, people are a little leary and having a hard time to find them,” said Rusich.

Rusich says he hopes his seafood market can get their hands on the delicacy soon, but for now he’s fresh out.

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