Due to last weeks flooding, historic SC church may close its doors

Photo from WBTW

EASTOVER, SC (WIS) – A historic church in Eastover that’s been around for more than a century may not be able to open its doors again due to last week’s flooding.

Pastor David Spears says the church can’t afford to rebuild if their insurance company won’t give their claim a second look.

“It compromised the electrical system,” Eason Memorial Church member Harold Hill said. “The floor, the walls are cracked, mold and mildew everywhere.”

It’s Pastor Spears’ job to keep the legacy of this historic landmark alive. And with the estimated cost of repairs topping two hundred thousand dollars, he says he owes it to the community to rebuild.

” They love this church; this is their home,” Pastor Spears said. They’ve raised their children here, their grandchildren here, their great-grandchildren here.”

The building is fully insured, but church leaders say adjusters told them the age and upkeep are the reasons it sustained damage, not the flooding. Members of this congregation say otherwise…

“As much rain as it rained Saturday night,” Hill said. “There’s no amount of maintenance that could’ve ever prevented what happened. You’ve got roads torn up, houses flooded. It was a natural disaster.”

A disaster that Pastor Spears says may have knocked Eason Memorial Church down, but they’re not out of the fight.

“We know it’s going to take a while to see this restored and put back together, but we’re here for the long haul. We’re committed to that,” Pastor Spears said.

In the meantime, they’ll hold church in this fellowship hall as they rally for resources.

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