Alabama mom who buried newborn in backyard accused of drug use

Ashley C. Wilkins and her home. (WKRG)

MOBILE, ALA. (WKRG) – The mother arrested last week and charged with burying her newborn baby in the backyard of her home in Mobile is suspected of being on drugs around the time of the infant’s birth, court documents obtained by News 5 reveal.

Ashley C. Wilkins, 30, is charged with abuse of a corpse after the startling discovery was made by police earlier this month.

On Monday, News 5 obtained court documents, including the police search warrant affidavit, revealing new details on the police investigation.

  • Investigators believe Wilkins was on some form of illegal drugs during or around the time of the baby’s birth
  • The baby was believed to have been born as a result of a miscarriage
  • Police say the baby was female, measuring 20 inches tall,weighing 8 lbs.
  • The baby spent one to six days buried before being recovered by police
  • Police found the corpse “partially buried” in a plastic bag in the backyard
  • Investigators seized underwear, towels and washcloths for evidence

According to the documents, Wilkins is suspected of being on illegal drugs during or around the time of the child’s birth, which is believed to have occurred between October 3 and October 8.  A 911 call was made on October 8, at which time police investigators executed a search warrant at Wilkins’ home on Swansea Drive.

Ashley C. Wilkins (left, public image from Facebook)
PHOTOS: Alabama mom charged with burying newborn
Ashley C. Wilkins (left, public image from Facebook)

During the search of the property, investigators say they discovered thebadly decomposed corpse of the child partially buried in backyard of Wilkins’ home.  The newborn, which was a female believed to be the result of a miscarriage, was found in a plastic bag, according to the documents. The child weighed 8-pounds.

As police carried out the search warrant, they seized a pair of panties, towels and washcloths for lab testing. Investigators also blood swabbed the bathroom for lab samples.

Wilkins was arrested on Thursday and processed at Mobile Metro Jail, where she was released on a $3,000 bond. News 5’s Allen Carter was there as Wilkins left the jail, but she refused to answer any questions.

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