Trump shatters attendance record at SC rally, woman passes out in crowd

ANDERSON, SC (WNCN) — Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump visited Anderson Monday — shattering the all time attendance record of the town’s Civic Center.


Meanwhile on Monday, Trump has officially requested Secret Service protection as he continues to campaign for President.

The rally was at the Civic Center at 6 p.m. with doors opening at 4 p.m.   The event, sponsored by the Anderson County GOP, had to be moved from T.L. Hanna High School because of the expected crowds.

Organizers said they were expecting up to 6,000 people, which would break a Civic Center record. Instead just under 8,000 people showed up and Trump posted a Twitter photo showing 7,943 folks attended.

At one point, one woman was just overwhelmed. The crowd cried out, “medic,” and Trump realized she passed out.

“She just fainted. You know what? That means she’s excited. It’s OK. Make sure she’s good. Those are my best fans. The one’s that faint I love the most,” Trump quipped.

Unshaken, Trump moved on to money. He spoke of his desire to shrink the 19 trillion dollar nation debt and his vow not to take money from PACs.

“I’m not selling myself to special interest groups, insurance groups or lobbyists,” he said.

“It’s simple.. we love our country and hate what’s happening and things have to change,” he told a full crowd in Anderson.

Trump says money won’t make the difference for candidates this election cycle. Financial disclosure reports released last week show that Trump has attracted tens of thousands of small-dollar contributions.

He has also spawned several super PACs that can raise unlimited funds.

But Trump says that he doesn’t think that bringing in huge contributions will help rivals like former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush prevail.

He says that if candidates don’t resonate with voters, all the money in the world won’t help.

“You’re going to have victories coming out of your ears,” Trump promised before the voices of nearly 8,000 people broke out into chants of, “Trump! Trump! Trump! Trump!”

It’s a big promise from the man who has sat high atop the polls since entering the presidential race, which is something Trump isn’t afraid to point out.

“Well, I love the polls. Other people don’t talk about the polls. You know why? They’re doing lousy in the polls. Okay,” he said.

He was quick to call out Senator Lindsey Graham, who’s scratching in many national polls and tracking only 5% here at home, according to the latest polls. Trump’s ahead by 18 points.

“Today he was being interviewed and I see Lindsey Graham. I said, ‘What’s he doing? Go back to your people in South Carolina. Represent your people,” chastised Trump.

The event was free to the public — and many folks had to stand.

Ben Carson, another GOP Presidential candidate, also requested protection during campaigning.

Carson and Trump would not receive it until Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson consults with five senior members of Congress.

It’s not unusual for candidates to ask for and receive protection from the Secret Service before the party’s presidential nominee is chosen. President Barack Obama received protection in May 2007, 18 months before he was elected the nation’s first black president.

Over the weekend,  Donald Trump and Jeb Bush continued to spar over the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, and Trump’s suggestion that former President George W. Bush was responsible.

Trump didn’t attend an event at a Texas megachurch in suburban Dallas on Sunday. A half-a-dozen republican presidential hopefuls were there.  Candidates declared their unwavering support for “religious liberty” even after the Supreme Court legalized gay marriage and their defense of life in abortion cases and beyond.

— WSPA and The Associated Press contributed to this report

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