$130,000 jewelry heist at home spurs NC town’s residents to seek community watch

FAYETTEVILLE, NC (WNCN) — After recent break-ins in Fayetteville, several residents are working to create more community watch teams.

A Fayetteville Crime Prevention Specialist says she’s received several calls over the last month for residents wanting to learn more about community watch groups.

This comes after a series of break-ins and robberies in the last month. Those incidents happened along Owen Drive, Morganton Road, in the Huntington Park area and Forest Hills neighborhood.

One resident said someone broke into her home on October 7 and got away with more than $130,000 in jewelry.

The woman said “about ten minutes, I got up and walked back to my bedroom, noticed my closet door was open and my safe was, everything was on the floor, I had a jewelry box on the counter beside the sink and I knew immediately we had a home invasion.”

The woman says the break-in happened in the early afternoon and she was away from the house just over an hour.

She believes the perpetrator was watching her at the time she left home.

She’s now beefing up security measures at her house and insisting neighbors be on the lookout.

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