Axe Women Loggers of Maine put on an awesome show for fair goers

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – One performance you won’t want to miss at the North Carolina State Fair this year is the Axe Women Loggers of Maine.

The AWLM are a traveling troop of women showcasing the skills of modern day “lumber Jills.”

“There’s a million lumberjack shows out there. I’ve never seen one that’s made out of actual, real champions… especially women,” said Alissa Harper, owner of Axe Woman Loggers of Maine.

Each show is a mini-competition that features activities such as chopping saw, axe throwing, log rolling and more.

“All my girls compete in competitions every year. Most of my ladies are past or present champions in different events,” Harper said.

The Axe Women don’t just chop blocks, they cut down the conventional wisdom that women can’t do these kinds of activities.

“I think the thing that fascinates the most is that we are women and we are doing it, and we can hold our own against the men,” said Harper.

The shows aren’t just entertaining, they can actually have an impact on the lives of those who watch.

“A lot of people come up and tell us what great role models we are for their daughters,” said Axe Woman Andrea Robarge. “They feel empowered, a lot of the women are like, ‘Wow that’s so empowering to see you guys out here going such a rugged sport.’”

When axe throwing is one of the “easy” events, you know these women aren’t messing around.

“Axe throwing, you can have beginner’s luck, but it’s one of the more mental competitions that we do out here,” Harper said.

Mental or not, axe throwing is pretty fun to watch and it’s just one part of the high intensity show.

“’Axe Women’ is definitely a great show, not only because we are showing you old time lumberjack skills, but because we are women, we are showing you how to use and wield axes, and roll on a log…it’s just a bunch of fun and it’s very action-packed,” Robarge said.

The Axe Women Loggers of Maine perform at 12 p.m. and 5 p.m. every day this week near Gate 9.

For more information on the N.C. State Fair, check out our State Fair page here.

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