Carolina Beach weighs banning plastic bags

Plastic bags (WECT)

CAROLINA BEACH, N.C. (WECT) – The Plastic Bag Committee met with the Town of Carolina Beach to discuss adding a fee to businesses who use plastic bags.

While a complete ban on the bags is very unlikely, due to it requiring a legislative change on the state level, the town is interested in approving a fee and using the earnings for environmental education, island clean up, and other programs.

“The logical thing to do would be to put it in place well before the summer season,” Dan Wilcox said. “That way all of the businesses effected can prepare, and be ready by the time the tourists roll in.”

If the fee is implemented, customers will be charged extra by the businesses under the program who carry plastic bags.

Most residents say they will just opt for paper, because they feel it is better for the environment.

“Personally I think paper would be even better,” Sandra Barnes said. “The plastic isn’t good for wildlife.”

Town officials are still taking the proposal into consideration.

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