Durham company creates app that blocks out modern day distractions

DURHAM, N.C. (WNCN) – A Durham company thinks they’ve created the perfect way to bring balance back into your life.

Freedom is an app and program for your computer that blocks the Internet and alerts from apps any time you want.

From annoying alerts on your phone to endless hours spent online, it can sometimes seem like the distractions in our modern age have no end in sight.

“Freedom makes it easy to block all distracting content across your devices,” said Fred Stutzman, designer of the app.

Stutzman thinks he’s designed a solution for those terrorizing tones and your child’s insatiable need to tweet, check Facebook or use Snapchat at all hours of the night.

“So I wrote an application to the first version of Freedom that basically blocked you offline…and I realized this is really powerful,” he said.

The first version of Freedom was downloaded one million times. Stutzman decided at that point that he would work on the app full time.

His company has gained a lot of attention for bringing focus to a world with so many distractions.

“If you’ve ever been distracted by popular apps like Facebook or Twitter we make it easy for you to block those distractions so you can get work done on all your devices.”

Using the app is simple. It works on Apple and Android phones as well as Windows and Mac computers. Once downloaded, it can be used on multiple devices. That means that, theoretically, you could block your child’s apps or Internet access whenever you want.

“You can set it during homework time so they’re not going to be able to get online…they’re only going to be able to get to the sites that you want them to get to…giving the parent back control,” Stutzman said.

What you block is up to you, Stutzman said.

“The only thing that you’ve got to bring to the table…is figuring out what you want to block and we make that easy because we’ve got a list of the most common eight or 10 things on the block list.”

There are currently a few different versions of Freedom. There is a free version that allows users to block two apps and the Internet. The version that blocks multiple apps will cost you $24 per year.

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