NC woman, man hit by SUV while trying to save his puppy that later died

DURHAM, N.C. (WNCN) — Authorities say two people were struck by an SUV while trying to help an injured dog at an intersection in Durham.


A man, Jonathan Parker, age 47, and a woman, Stephanie Wilson, age 29, were hit at about 8:30 p.m. Monday. Wilson suffered critical injuries.

The pair was hit while Stephanie was bent over the puppy trying to listen for the dog’s heartbeat.

The couple were pushed along the pavement under a Jeep that it actually “dragged their clothes off” a witness said.

“This arm here I can’t move,” Parker said from his bed on Tuesday.

Jonathan Parker is scraped but has no broken bones after he and a woman were hit on Liberty street in Durham Monday night.

“God is so supreme, man. He’s watching over me,” he added.

A witness who called 911 talked to WNCN about the incident.

“The Jeep didn’t stop ’til it got right up here and the lady was pinned underneath,” said Erica Clay, a neighbor who called 911.

“It was heartbreaking because I was sitting back and I can’t do nothing.”

Parker was in the road waiting on animal control after his 8-month-old pit bull named King, who had been hit by a car.

“I couldn’t move the dog because he was my baby,” Parker said.

Another woman who helped, Teresa Caviness, stayed with Parker and “King” for nearly an hour using her car to divert traffic, but she had to leave.

Just minutes later is when the SUV came and hit Parker and the woman helping him.

Stephanie Wilson was checking King’s heartbeat and was bent down with the dog.

“So, I’m looking at the road while she’s doing that. I looked down at her and it wasn’t but a split second, both of us up under the truck,” Parker said. “She didn’t really stop. She slowed down when we were up under her.”

“I hope that lady, she be alright, man. Because, it don’t make no sense. No sense, man,” Parker said.

“I’ve actually been crying today because I felt like maybe I shouldn’t have left. Maybe if I stayed there in front of the dog with my blinkers on then maybe everything would’ve been OK ’til help came,” Teresa Caviness said.

Police say the SUV driver was Margarita Hernandez De La Cruz, age 54.

Officers cited her for driving while her license was revoked and not having insurance on her vehicle.

Parker wants her to face more charges

“That’s a deadly weapon. It’s a vehicle,” Parker said.

Neighbors say the 35 mile per hour stretch has lights shining at night.

“They can see them in the street, why would they run over them like that,” said Delores Lowery, a neighbor.

Parker was out of the hospital on Tuesday afternoon, but sustained several injuries. Wilson suffered critical injuries in the incident.

Police say the accident is under investigation.

— The Associated Press contributed to this report

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