NC toddler burned in backyard accident facing long hospital stay

HUNTERSVILLE, N.C. (WBTV) – She’s just a year old and has already dealt with severe burns, multiple surgeries and is currently in the middle of a lengthy hospital stay.

Emily Hinton has already endured and survived what most won’t in a lifetime. The little girl from North Charlotte continues to defy the odds.

Belinda Carr | Facebook | WBTV
Belinda Carr | Facebook | WBTV

“She had surgery last week so she is continuing to progress,” the family’s Pastor, Todd Marlin, told WBTV. “There is a little concern about lungs but those have turned out to be fine – clearing up. So she is still recovering from what has been her fifth surgery since the accident.”

Pastor Marlin has been in constant contact with the family since the accident in September when a backyard burn went wrong and accidentally burned Emily and her grandmother, Belinda.

Pastor Marlin said Belinda is recuperating at home.

Emily is still in the burn unit at Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center in Winston-Salem. Doctors have told her parents to brace for a long hospital stay.

“They were told when they got there that it would be a 3-month stay,” Pastor Marlin said. “And so the doctors have advised the family we’re not moving off that date. So they’re looking at three months in the hospital.”

He said Emily’s parents, Amy and Andy Hinton, have been at her bedside. Amy’s employer has allowed to work off site so she’s at the hospital with a laptop.

“I think just the whole waiting is difficult. You’re going through multiple surgeries with recovery time and being in just a critical state for weeks. Emily is still critical,” Pastor Marlin said. “I think that may be one of the hardest things – that continued high level, high alert feel that you have when your child is in a really critical condition over a period of weeks.”

According to Pastor Marlin, the majority of Emily’s surgeries have been skin related issues. While one surgery was to insert a feeding tube, “four were related to trying to remove any of the damage skin. And the subsequent surgeries were all about preparing the skin for grafts and the grafting.”

Faith and hope have carried the family so far.

Hours after the accident, Amy Hinton asked everyone to pray. A family friend started a Facebook page.

Relatives, friends and strangers rallied.

One month later, the Facebook page, ‘Boldly Pray for Emily,’ has more than 1400 members… many send messages to the family.

To date, a GoFundMe account has raised close to $13,000. You can visit the page here.

Pastor Marlin said “the one thing [Amy] wanted to communicate above all else is just appreciation and gratefulness for all the prayers and support that they received. She said it’s been overwhelming.”

With the prospect of a three month hospital stay for their 1-year-old, the Hintons decided a long time ago that only prayer and hope can get them through.

“There’s been no wavering in their faith. It has actually strengthened. It’s pretty remarkable to see,” Pastor Marlin said. “So the hope and prayer at this point is that the grafting will take and it will begin to heal as it should.”

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