Wake County Schools to look over 3rd draft of reassignment plan

CARY, N.C. (WNCN) – Wake County Public Schools is one step closer to reassigning students to new schools across the district.

School officials will meet Tuesday afternoon to discuss their plan. During their meeting, the school board will get to see the third draft of the school system’s reassignment plan for next year.

In the first few months of the school year, Wake County parents have had the opportunity to voice their opinions on these changes. School officials said due to so much growth in the county, the school system is trying to evenly distribute students across all current and future schools.

“We’re a really fast growing county, in a lot of ways that’s a good problem to have. We like that people want to move here, and not only move here, they choose to go to Wake County Schools. That’s a feather in our cap, but it does present a challenge,” said Wake County School spokesman Matt Dees.

“With that number of new schools, they claim we have to fill them with some kids, right? They’ve got to grab them from somewhere. But when you’re grabbing those children from the school that’s in their backyard, and you’re shipping them that far, just to fill a school, there’s no reason it couldn’t run under capacity for some time,” David Windell told WNCN.

School officials are expected to also discuss teacher salaries at Tuesday’s meeting.

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