Raleigh elementary principal charged with passing stopped school bus

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – An elementary school principal in Raleigh was charged with passing a stopped school bus, Wake County Schools confirmed.

Johneka Simmons Williams, who is principal at Bugg Magnet Elementary on Cooper Road in Raleigh, was charged April 27.

She was originally scheduled for a court appearance on Sept. 15 in Smithfield.

Williams, 36, lives in Clayton. On the incident report, the Highway Patrol trooper said Williams said she would never pass a stopped school bus and had not done so while the stop arm was out.

If found guilty she could face a minimum $500 fine without prayer for judgment.

In a statement, Williams said, “Please know that I take roadway safety seriously, particularly when it involves students. I work diligently every day to ensure the safety of students.”

North Carolina officials have increasingly raised concerns about the rising problem of drivers passing stopped school buses, which the state has said could exceed 3,000 incidents in a single day. WNCN Investigates, through its #Brake4Buses initiative, has produced multiple stories on the issue and the General Assembly has responded by enacted tougher laws on the matter.


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