Couple hold ‘zombie wedding’ at Carowinds for autistic son

FORT MILL, S.C. (WBTV) – A “zombie wedding” isn’t the kind of wedding you normally hear about, but it happened for the best of reasons.

Bryan and Brenda Miller held their spook-tacular second wedding at SCarowinds on Friday. Aside from the ghosts and ghouls, there was one other person there who wasn’t able to be at their first – their 10-year-old son Tyler.


“I do not remember any stuff when I was young and I’m actually glad to see it now, so I can remember it,” Tyler said.

Tyler is autistic, and for him, seeing is believing. The Millers said Tyler simply doesn’t believe something happens unless he sees it with his own eyes. He never really believed his parents were actually married.

“Even though he’s seen pictures, he doesn’t actually think we’re married,” Bryan said.

Kiss 95.1 was holding a “Zombie Wedding” contest on the “Manny, LauRen and Roy” morning show. Brenda’s entry instantly caught Roy Brown’s eye.

“The story really moved us, so we wanted to recreate the moment,” Brown said.

Friday night, in front of family, friends and complete strangers, Bryan and Brenda renewed their vows right beside their son in his favorite place.

“Hitting ten years with all the struggles couples go through, especially with a special needs child, this was a special moment,” Brenda said.

Brown told WBTV he was thrilled to see the smile on Tyler’s face.

“Tyler is such an awesome kid, and just to see him light up… Just to see him be here around all these scary monsters, he loves it,” Brown said.

While the ceremony may have seemed strange to some, it’s Tyler’s proof that his family is now complete.

“Now he’s seen it, so now he knows,” Brenda said.

Kiss 95.1 plans to hold their “Zombie Wedding” contest again next year.

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