ECU student uses unusual approach to help dad with failing kidney

GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT)- One ECU student is not her father’s match, but she is still doing all she can to help save his life.

“Its been real hard to do this whole waiting game and see him be like this,” ECU student Kassandra Klus said.

To help her dad find a kidney, Klus painted the words, “My Dad Needs A Kidney,” on the back of her car.

Ron Klus has struggled with kidney problems for more than ten years, but not to this degree. Now in stage five renal kidney failure, he needs a transplant.

“All of a sudden he was more fatigued. I mean he goes to bed at like 8:00,” Klus said. “He can’t do everything that he used to do.”

Klus says her dad can’t do the things he loves like volunteer and play hockey, and it breaks her heart.

“My dad’s my best friend, and my parent, he’s a great role model,” Klus said. “I couldn’t imagine losing him at this point.”

Ron Klus says he’s not letting his condition get him down.

“I can’t think about the lows of it. You know I still get up every morning go to work, do the best I can,” Ron Klus said.

Ron is one of 100,000 people in the country waiting on a kidney. His daughter says even if her efforts don’t directly help her father, they can still have an impact.

Klus said, “Even if this doesn’t result in a kidney for my dad, its spreading awareness and news for so many other people that need some kind of organ or donation.”

Ron Klus says he is so proud of what his daughter is doing, and hopes this can help other people as well.

To help the Klus family call 804-628-0712. Ron Klus need type B or O blood.

In Eastern North Carolina there are hundreds of people waiting for a kidney.

At the Brody School of Medicine the wait time for a kidney can be up to five years. Dr. Carl Haisch says not every person with kidney problems is a candidate for a transplant. There’s a list of criteria in order for people to qualify.

“You have to make sure that they can stand surgery, do well after surgery, have social support after surgery, have a way to get back and forth to clinic, to be followed up, as well as have the social support at home,” Dr. Haisch said.

Dr. Haisch says the best types of kidney transplants are from living donors. Last year Brody did 75 transplants, only 10 of those were from living donors.

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