Young NC mom fights back from sex offender’s kidnapping attack, police say

GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) – A registered sex offender is back behind bars tonight after he’s accused of kidnapping a 24-year-old mother.


“I was absolutely terrified; I honestly thought I was going to die,” said the victim.

WNCT decided not to release her name due to the nature of the pending charges.

The victim says Aaron Creel kidnapped and hit her over the head five times. She previously knew Creel, but never thought he would hurt her. She claims he wanted sexual activity.

When she said no, she says he then forced her to go the ATM on Easy Street to pay him for his time.

“He was kicking me and then he just threw my cell phone and my purse at me and just high tailed it out of there. I just ran and hid at the Food Lion and hid behind the carts,” explained the victim.

The victim says her years of karate training helped her fight off the suspect. “I was able to use techniques to get him off me, use pressure points.”

Real Crisis Center Assistant Director, Tracy Kennedy, says the victim did the right thing.

“Follow your gut, make a scene if you need to and try to get away and always monitor your safety.”

Creel, a convicted sex offender, was found guilty of having indecent liberties with a minor back in 2006.He spent a year and a half in prison for that incident. Now, Creel is at the Pitt County Detention Center facing a number of charges including second degree kidnapping, assault and sexual battery.

As for the victim, she hopes justice is served and hopes other people come forward when they are assaulted.

“I will always keep it in the back of my mind, and be cautious and stuff and try not to let it overtake me and rule me.

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