Boy with cancer visited by Cam Newton seeks to hold for Halloween

Cam Newton at event for Elijah (screen grab from Twitter)

A North Carolina boy whose battle with cancer got a boost from Panthers quarterback Cam Newton is rapidly declining, according to the Prayers for Elijah Facebook page.

Elijah Aschbrenner, 10, had a Halloween party in September to celebrate the holiday, since friends and family were concerned about whether he would make it to Oct. 31.

Elijah had learned the week before that the disease had spread and he might not live until Halloween, reported.

Newton even made a surprise appearance at the event. Newton brought dinner for the event, including steak, shrimp and mashed potatoes and other sides.

Becky Hughes, Elijah’s mom, said she started crying when Newton arrived.

“I just lost it, knowing he was a busy guy but he took time out on a Friday night to come and see Elijah? I started crying, and he was like, ‘Dry it up, Momma!'” she said to with a chuckle.

Panthers defensive tackle Colin Cole also came to the event.

But Elijah’s condition has deteriorated as Halloween approaches and hundreds of people have followed the Prayers for Elijah Facebook account for updates.

In a Facebook post on Oct. 24 at Prayers for Elijah, his mother reported:

“Elijah’s health has rapidly declined and he is currently sleeping most of the day and now on morphine pump in order to keep him as comfortable as possible.

“Our hearts are completely broken as we watch his shell of a body withering. As much as I want him here, I do not want him to suffer or live in pain. I love him too much. I cannot explain how difficult and heart-wrenching this is.

“Please continue to pray for Elijah and also Sam. This is the worst pain imaginable.

“We love you,

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