Coal ash now arriving at Chatham Co. mine

MONCORE, N.C. (WNCN) – Coal ash is now being delivered to the Brickhaven mine by Duke Energy trucks, the company said Wednesday in a news release.

The mine in Chatham County is initially getting coal ash from Duke’s River Bend Power Plant in Mount Holly. The mines will get coal ash from the Sutton Plant in Wilmington in a few weeks.

Duke Energy begins delivering coal ash to a mine in Chatham County (photo by Duke Energy)
PHOTOS: Coal ash being stored at Chatham Co. mine

Duke Energy said “only a handful” of trucks are currently delivering, but that number will rise to around 20 trucks soon and could reach as many as 40 trucks a day.

Some who live near the storage site are worried, including one woman who wears for the health of her grandkids who visit her every week.

“I’m so afraid,” Bobbie Mendenhall told WNCN recently. “Both of them have asthma and I fear that coal ash will drift over here and feel sure it will leach into the water system. We have a private well.”

Another neighbor, Helen Mason, complained about the trucks in the area.

“It’s the traffic more than anything else,” Mason told WNCN in a recent interview. “There’s going to be a bad wreck.”

But Duke Energy insists the mines are safe and lined with multiple layers of natural and synthetic materials to contain the coal ash.

WNCN reporter Steve Sbraccia contributed to this report.

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