Georgia kindergartner loses finger in lunchroom incident

Courtesy: WRBL

COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL) – A Georgia kindergarten student is recovering following a serious hand injury during lunch at Fox Elementary School on Tuesday. The 5-year-old student’s hand was injured in a cafeteria table.

Nasir Holloway’s mother, Mahogany Watson, said Wednesday that the index finger on her son’s hand had to be amputated. She got the call from the school around 11 a.m. on Tuesday.

A Georgia boy lost his finger after an incident at school. (Facebook)
PHOTOS: Georgia boy loses finger after accident at school

He was first taken to a local hospital before being transferred to Scottish Rite Hospital in Atlanta for the surgery. Doctors wanted to have Nasir flown to Atlanta because he was losing large amounts of blood, but they weren’t able to because of the weather.

Nasir’s mother said he went into surgery as soon as they got to Atlanta. Doctors did everything they could, but unfortunately were not able to save the finger.

Watson said her son is in a lot of pain and scared to go back to school because he is frightened to think about what might happen to the rest of his fingers. Nasir thinks his finger is back in tact, but his mother said she has not gained enough strength yet to tell him it is gone.

Watson said her 5-year-old’s response to people asking how they can help him surprised her.

“The first thing he asks is can you please pray for me? And that kind of, you know, took me by surprise,” Watson explained.

A hard and long recovery process lies ahead for Nasir. Watson will be making several trips back to Atlanta with Nasir starting Friday. One of his challenges will be learning how to use his writing hand with only four fingers.

School officials talked with the students at Fox Elementary on Wednesday about what to do when they are at a cafeteria table. Cafeteria workers also sat with students at the lunch tables to make sure they didn’t sit at the folds of the table.

The incident is still under investigation.

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