Parent attacks SC coach for not playing son during rec game, police say

Greg Barnak

CONWAY, S.C. (WBTW) – According to an Horry County Police Report, a parent attacked his son’s rec-league coach on the field with a football helmet during a game.

Scott Wilson was the coach who was reported to be attacked.

Wilson says he has been involved in football for nearly 50 years, more than 20 years playing; including in college at Clemson, and then coaching for about another 20 years. He says in all that time, he has never seen anything like what happened to him, and wants it to never happen again to anyone else.

“This was a hit that would rank right there with some of the toughest hits I’ve had,” said Wilson.

He says it was the fourth quarter during the South Strand Rec Football League game when he was attacked.

Wilson said he turned around after being hit, and didn’t even recognize the parent who attacked him because he had not shown up to any games or practices in six weeks.

Greg Barnak was charged with assault, according to the police report. The report says the reason Barnak attacked Wilson was because his son did not get a chance to play.

“He was using every curse word I could possibly think of,” said Wilson.

He says the volunteer-parent line judges had to help him get Barnak off the field; where he should have never been in the first place according to Horry County policy.

“People who are in charge of that obviously let him go, or I’m not sure what happened,” said Wilson

County officials say the rec league field supervisor was talking to another parent when Barnak hopped the St. James High School Stadium Fence, where the rec league plays, and went onto the field.

The incident happened October 13. An arrest warrant for Barnak was signed on October 17. Horry County police say they couldn’t find Barnak and the warrant was transferred to the sheriff’s office. Officials with the Horry County Sheriff’s Office said Thursday the warrant had yet to be served.

Following News 13’s report Thursday evening at 11 p.m., Barnak was arrested and booked into the J. Reuben Long Detention Center Friday at 10:40 a.m.

But News 13 was able to find Barnak’s home to see if he would be interested in talking on camera. Barnak’s wife told News 13 he had stepped out for the evening, but most likely would not comment on the incident.

Wilson says he is considering legal action against the county and thinks the fields need to be safer for the people who use them.

“This can’t happen this should never happen we have children on the field,” he said.

News 13 was also able to get an email that was sent out to all rec league parents. It says if there are any more issues like this, the individuals will be removed and banned for the rest of the season. It also says the rec league is evaluating the football program, and behavior from parents and coaches will be part of the deciding factor.

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