UNC website documents progress since Wainstein Report

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CHAPEL HILL, N.C. (WNCN) – The UNC Faculty Council met Friday in Chapel Hill, a year after the Wainstein Report exposed the extent of academic and athletic problems at the university, and school leaders discussed a new website that documents what the school is doing when it comes to athletes and their academic progress.

The meeting at the School of Pharmacy, included comments from Chancellor Carol Folt and Provost Jim Dean.

The UNC leaders unveiled a website, apsa.unc.edu, to detail all academic processes at Carolina involving athletes. Folt said she had heard from other schools who wanted to know what the Tar Heels were doing.

Also Friday, a UNC expert in sports-related concussions was named the dean of college of arts and sciences. Dr. Kevin Guskiewicz said one of his goals is to build bridges between different schools at the university.

He said he plans to remain involved in the nationally recognized concussion research.

“I’ve often said you can’t build a building by which one brick pulled out causes a collapse of that building, so with the program we’ve built, we’re going to be the best in that area. I will still be involved in that research,” he said.

Folt, answering questions from the faculty, said she understood why the UNC Board of Governors took a secretive approach to the hiring of the new president, Margaret Spellings. Folt said many searches at that level are kept confidential to help find the best candidate.

“They did the search for the chancellor without inviting everyone into for a public forum,” Folt said. “They do that for all the chancellors and all the presidents. That’s how they’re run. So, I’m am actually quite understanding that when you’re looking for people at that level, you frequently do not open it.”

She said it’s important to have Spellings out listening to people.

Also Friday, the Faculty Council reviewed whether the school should privatize the Student Stores.

And professor Jay Smith proposed that athletes get the same academic support as other students, but that did not pass.


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