Wounded vet gets new home for his family in Wendell

Flag raising at new home for wounded veteran in Wendell on Friday. (WNCN)

WENDELL, N.C. (WNCN) – A wounded Iraq war vet and his family have a place to call home thanks to an agency that helps provide homes for those who served our county and  got hurt in the process.

On Friday, with an assist from his 7-year-old daughter Bree, Frank Ellis raised the flag for the first time in front of their new home in Wendell.

Ellis family gets home
PHOTOS: Ellis family gets home

“I’m very grateful to be here,” Ellis said. “And I’m kind of at a loss for words.”

As Frank and Kerry Ellis gazed at their new home, it seemed surreal.

“There was a moment when we didn’t speak,” Frank Ellis said.

Purple Heart Homes and Bank of America worked together to renovate the house.

“The home was donated to us,” said Howard Goldberg of Purple Heart Homes. “And we knew as soon as we saw it it would make a great home for a veteran and family because of the location, the size and the floor plan.”

The new home will offer Frank Ellis a chance to give his family what he never had as a child of military family — a chance to put down roots.

“I’ve never owned a home before and it was a big step for myself and my family,” Frank Ellis said. “You take pride when see something that’s yours.”

Bree Ellis is particularly happy.

“I’m really excited that we’re going to have a new place to live and I can enjoy—and I can keep the friends I have because I won’t have to move anymore,” she said.

Knowing this will be their permanent home filled Kerry Ellis’ heart with joy and her eyes with tears.

“This is very overwhelming for us,” Kerry Ellis said. “This just doesn’t ever happen [for us.]”

Now that the Ellis family has a home, Frank Ellis is looking forward to becoming part of the community and doing volunteer work to help pay it forward.

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