NC police ask for public’s help in double-murder investigation

ROWLAND, N.C. (WBTW/WNCN) — The search continues for suspects after two men were found dead after a weekend shooting in Robeson County.

According to Rowland Police Chief John Reaves, police received a call at 5:09 Saturday morning for a shooting at a trailer park on Brown Street in Rowland.

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Chief Reaves said two middle-aged men were tied up and fatally shot in the first homicide in the town since 2008.
He identified the two men as Anthony Brown and Michael Thompson, both of Rowland. According to Reaves, robbery appears to be the motive.

The shooting quickly became the talk of the town among residents of the small town Saturday.

Many stood on the street trying to figure out what happened.

“I miss my brother. I hadn’t seen him since yesterday and I know that he’s gone.”

There was no one more shocked than one of the victim’s sisters.

“He didn’t have any children but we loved him and he adopted my children to be his children,” said Debra Thompson.
Thompson says she got a call early Saturday morning and hasn’t been able to sleep since.

“He didn’t hurt or harm anybody. He minded his business and he was just a good person. He had a good heart,” she said.

Police say what appeared to be a robbery turned into a double homicide after the two men were tied up and then shot to death.

A statement Rowland Police Chief John Reaves said in part:

“We’re collecting evidence and doing everything that we can to find closure for both families during this time of loss.”
Something families of both victims would like to happen sooner than later.

“I would like for somebody to come forth and tell us what really happened because somebody knows and I want them to come forth and tell us what happened…please,” Thompson said.

The case remains under investigation. Anyone with information is asked to call the Rowland Police Department at (910) 422-3311.

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