‘Dangerous’ intersection concerns Hillside students

DURHAM, N.C. (WNCN) – Following Tuesday’s accident outside of Hillside High in Durham where a student was hit, some have complained about the traffic lights in front of the school on Fayetteville Street.

Almost anytime during the day, traffic is heavy and fast-moving along Fayetteville street in front of the high school.

“This intersection is kind of dangerous,” student Austin Paul said.

Cars whiz by on Wednesday, a day after a Hillside student was hit. (WNCN)
PHOTOS: Scene where Hillside student hit

On Tuesday, Hillside student Jordyn Davis was in struck as she crossed against the light in the crosswalk. Davis, 14, was hit around 7:18 a.m. and taken to the hospital for serious injuries.

This crosswalk light gives you 20 seconds to cross, but  some students said they sometimes find themselves fighting the clock.

“It’s not long enough for larger numbers of students to get across,” said Paul. “If you want to get across you have to be fast to the other side.”

And another student tries to “walk fast” to get across quickly enough.

But some students ignore the crosswalk and the lights here.

WNCN observed many students strolling outside the crosswalks and not bothering to push the button which activates the crossing lights. Some students said there needs to be someone monitoring the intersection during busy hours.

Earlier this week, city officials told WNCN they would reevaluate the timing of the lights at this intersection.


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