SC boy pushed sister out of way before being hit, killed by car, family says

Photo of Wylie posted on County Supervisor Shane Stuart's Facebook page

CHESTER, S.C. (WBTV) – La’Darious Wylie was only 11 years old. In his final act while standing near a corner in Chester, the fifth grader took on the role of hero.

“Yes he did. Yes he did,” said his aunt, Felicia Mobley.

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La’Darious, his little sister Shavonte and other children were standing near Ashford and Dye Streets last Tuesday morning waiting for the school bus when a car veered toward the kids.

Police say La’Darious was hit and badly injured. Family members told WBTV the children at the corner said La’Darious pushed his little sister out of the way before he was struck.

“In other words he saved his sister,” said Mobley. “And he ended up being the one that’s where he is now.”

La’Darious died the next day at the hospital. Relatives are preparing for his burial on Thursday.

There’s now a memorial at the corner where the incident happened, which is just yards from the family’s home.

“Coping with it day by day, so we can’t really say what’s gonna lie ahead,” Mobley told WBTV. “We just dealing with it on a daily basis because when it’s a tragedy like this – we just have to deal with it day by day.”

With the memorial near the corner, a wreath outside the family’s house – Ashford Street will never be the same.

But relatives, friends, and neighbors are hoping to keep La’Darious’ legacy alive.

On Ashford Street, there’s an old recreation center with a playground where the kids and La’Darious played. His family would like to see it rebuilt and renamed in La’Darious’ name.

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