UNC last in ACC in graduation rates for football


The University of North Carolina had the lowest Graduation Success Rate among all ACC football teams for students who began school in 2008, according to data released Wednesday by the NCAA.

The Graduation Success Rate measures the proportion of athletes who have earned a degree.  It differs from the Federal Graduation Rate and takes into account transfers who graduate or leave in good standing.

Duke led the ACC with a GSR of 94 and N.C. State had a 70 for football.

The 2008 season was Butch Davis’ second at UNC and the incoming freshman class included Robert Quinn and Michael McAdoo.

The following years would be rocked by academic scandals at UNC with ties to the football team.

In men’s basketball, Duke and Notre Dame both led the ACC with GSRs of 100. UNC had a GSR of 80 and N.C. State a GSR of 78.

Overall, UNC said its Graduation Success Rate for athletes was 85 percent.

Overall, the NCAA said, the Graduation Success Rate for Division I college athletics has climbed to 86 percent.

The ACC said that overall, its athletes had a GSR of 88.9 percent.

“Our schools have once again exemplified our league’s commitment to academic excellence,” said ACC Commissioner John Swofford. “The ACC is proud to have the strongest collective balance of academics and athletics of any major conference.”

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