Georgia 5-year-old coping after losing finger in school cafeteria incident

COLUMBUS, Ga. – News 3 spoke with the mother of a 5-year-old son who lost his finger last week in an incident at Fox Elementary School. School officials said the kindergarten student was injured in the fold of a cafeteria table during lunch.

A Georgia boy lost his finger after an incident at school. (Facebook)
PHOTOS: Georgia boy loses finger after accident at school

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Nasir Holloway had the index finger on his left hand taken off after he was rushed to an Atlanta hospital. At first, Nasir didn’t realize his finger was missing. Nasir’s mother, Mahogany Watson, said Nasir became hysterical when he saw his missing finger for the first time.

Nasir is having a difficult time adjusting to life with just four fingers on his dominant hand.

“It is very hard. It’s hard to hear him say if I had all my fingers I could do it by himself and as a mother I wish I could take the pain away,” Watson explained.

Nasir will be in a cast for at least a few more weeks. He will have to go through physical therapy to learn how to use his hand with only four fingers. Watson and Nasir will be making weekly trips to see the doctor in Atlanta for at least the next month.

Nasir has not returned back to school yet.

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