Warrant: 16 girls from NC high school extorted for nude photos via Instagram

CORNELIUS, N.C. (WBTV) – A college co-ed in Pittsburgh has sparked an investigation after she says someone tried to extort nude photos from her, using photos that she took of herself as a student in high school.

The University of Pittsburgh student contacted university police after she says someone contacted her via Instagram and included three photos of her, in various stages of undress, that she took while she was a student at Hough High School last year.

According to search warrants from September, investigators found similar threats were being made to at least 15 other female students at Hough.

According to the warrant, the person sent a picture directly to each victim that they had taken of themselves at some point and threatened to post the pictures on various sites, if the girls did not send him more photos.

The warrants say two different accounts contacted the victims.

He reportedly demanded the girls contact him on Kik Messenger for instructions on how to send the photos to him.

According to the warrant, it appeared a couple of the students complied with the threats in fear that the photos would be released.

The victims range in age from 14 to 18 years old, according to the warrant.

In February, another investigation began after police say dozens of naked photos of Charlotte-area teen girls began circulating around a high school via a public website.

According to a police report from earlier this year, officers say the Dropbox file contained 75 pictures of naked female students from Hough High School.

Students told WBTV some of the people in the photos are freshman girls. Detectives said the youngest victim was just 14-years-old.

The pictures were all voluntarily made off school grounds, according to police.

The files began appearing online in mid-December and police began investigating on Wednesday, Jan. 4.

Unfortunately, police said, the link was accessed by various people on the Hough High School campus.

Detectives said the Dropbox link has been taken down. They also said they have identified the student who created it.

According to CMS Police Wednesday, that investigation from February is nearing completion and will be sent to the DA’s office to determine charges.

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