Apex teen who threatened to ‘fill bodies with bullets’ could have charges dismissed

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – An Apex teen charged with assaulting another student and making threats could have his charges dismissed.

Kenneth Halker appeared before a judge Tuesday to talk about an agreement with the state.

Halker, 17, of Lawson Lane in Apex, was suspended from Panther Creek High School on Oct. 5 for assault a female student in the cafeteria.

Halker in court
PHOTOS: Halker appears in court

On Oct. 6, warrants showed that Halker texted a male student with the message “You’re number 5 on my list.”

Warrants show Halker also sent the same student various messages about “filling his body with bullets.” He also posted to Twitter that he was going to come back to Panther Creek with “45 and fill bodies with bullets.” He also mentioned he had a hit list.

Halker also posted an image on Snapchat with two AR-15 assault rifles surrounded with “multiple piles of ammunitions containing pistol, rifle and shotgun rounds.”

Under the image, Halker posted, “HAHAHA did ya’ll think this was a game? Plz take a step.”

Halker said he had been depressed and “felt like it was him against the world.”

With assistance from the Wake County Sheriff’s Office, Halker was arrested at his home in Apex.

As part of the agreement with the state, Halker must undergo a mental health assessment and treatment and complete a first offender program in order for his charges to be dropped.

Halker check back in with the court in May.

He declined to comment to WNCN after court Tuesday.


Panther Creek student threatened to ‘fill bodies with bullets’

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