Citrix, Campbell law team up to develop next generation of tech-savvy lawyers

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – Campbell University’s law school in Raleigh is known as a place where budding lawyers develop their skills. Now the school is taking it one step further with a new partnership.

Citrix is now helping develop the next generation of attorneys who will rely heavily on new technology.

Campbell’s law school is also known for its use of technology and on the first day of the school’s partnership with Citrix, it became clear what the new initiative aims to accomplish.

“Campbell University is going to have the same access to technology as thousands of law professionals are using,” said Adrian Phillips, the senior marketing manager at Citrix.

People like Phillips are teaching future litigators like Seth Barefoot the ins and outs of how to use their technology.

Citrix is providing the software and training all for free. Products include Go to Meeting that can be used for remote study groups; Podio, a program that helps students share information remotely; and their signature product, Share File, that allows lawyers to send massive documents over the web.

Barefoot, who’s from Dunn, interned at a small firm this past summer. He said even with its size it was time to start using new technology.

“The firm I worked for this summer was still very traditional in most of the ways they handle things, but we have integrated a lot of the technology into our practice there,” Barefoot said. “We actually did use the Share File and really enjoyed it.”

The evolving technology will have big implications for the future of practicing law.

“This integrated learning environment is going to equip the next generation of lawyers to be able to succeed not only in practicing law but also in running their law practice efficiently,” said Phillips.

Barefoot agreed and said that staying up-to-date on the latest tech “really makes us feel like we’re going to be the next generation of attorneys.”

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