Attorney General’s office sanctioned for delays on case where girl killed at bus stop

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – The North Carolina Court of Appeals has sanctioned the N.C. Attorney General’s office for delaying the case of a young girl killed while getting off her school bus.

In 2013, 7-year-old Alyiah Morgan got off her school bus in Sampson County and tried to cross the road to her home. The bus lights were flashing and the stop sign was out when the Highway Patrol says a log truck passed the stopped school bus and struck her.

Alyiah Morgan, hit and killed at her bus stop in 2013.
Alyiah Morgan, hit and killed at her bus stop in 2013.

“It’s terrible you have to lose somebody you love for something so senseless — that this person was in a rush or that person wasn’t paying attention,” her aunt Rosabell Martinez told WNCN.

The truck driver was sent to prison. In 2014, Alyiah’s family sued the Sampson County School system, saying the school bus driver should not have let her exit the bus. The Sampson County Board of Educations is represented by attorney Staci T. Meyer of the Attorney General’s office.

The parties have been back and forth on motions and appeals. In May, Alyiah’s lawyers filed a petition that claimed unfair delays. The appeals court allowed the sanctions against the Attorney General’s office.

“When the objective of a party is to obstruct justice rather than advance the search for the truth, it is appropriate for sanctions to be imposed.  We believe this is such a case,” said attorney Ronald Goldman with Baum, Hedlund, Aristei & Goldman.

The case will now return to the Industrial Commission to determine the amount the Attorney General’s office will pay.

WNCN is awaiting comment from the Attorney General’s office.

Alyiah’s story was featured in WNCN Investigates special report about drivers illegally passing stopped buses. You can watch that story below.

Please help WNCN continue to share our important safety message using #Brake4Buses on social media.


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