Chelsea Clinton promotes book in Raleigh event

Chelsea Clinton speaks in Raleigh on Thursday. (WNCN)

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – A presidential candidate’s daughter made a stop in Raleigh Thursday to talk a group of young women about her new book.

Chelsea Clinton spoke to students of the Wake Young Women’s Leadership Academy about making a difference in the world.

Clinton answered questions about her book, “It’s Your World,” and even met with several students after the event. Students seemed to take Clinton’s message to heart.

“She was very like true in what she said, and there’s like a lot of problems in the world and we can fix it one step at a time,” said Taylor Kerr.

Chelsea Clinton's "It's Your World"
Chelsea Clinton’s “It’s Your World”

“It is our world — I mean we’re the ones who are going to benefit or not benefit as a result of our decisions,” said Tafui Leggard.

Clinton also spoke about why it’s important for young women to have good role models.

“Tell stories of women, women of color who are amazing role models and leaders, because those aren’t stories that we hear enough of. And we need to help collapse the imagination gap for young women about what is possible,” said Clinton.

Clinton also briefly spoke about her mother’s presidential bid, and said she fully supports Hillary Clinton as a leader and a mother.

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