Teen overcomes diabetes to keep playing hockey

Holden Lamm is overcoming diabetes to play hockey. (WNCN)

Sixteen-year-old Holden Lamm has a great outlook on life.

“Nothing really to complain about, I don’t have it that bad,” said Lamm.

But if you knew what Lamm goes through every day, you might think otherwise.

“It’s hard, I worry about him,” said his mom, Donna.

Holden Lamm, youth hockey player with diabetes (WNCN)
SEE PHOTOS: Holden Lamm stars in hockey despite diabetes

Any mom would when her son is battling Type I diabetes, a disease for which there is no cure.

Diagnosed with the disease at age 9, Lamm has been able to play hockey while managing his condition.  Ten times a day he pricks his finger for blood. Six times a day he gives himself a shot.

“There’s stuff worse out there,” Lamm said. “I could have a lot worse stuff going on in my life.”

Lamm was recently named captain of his hockey team, the Carolina Lightning, a competitive travel team he has been a part of for four years.

Playing hockey with diabetes can be a challenge. But Lamm is not the first to succeed at it.

“He’s actually met quite a few NHL players that have Type I diabetes,” said Holden’s dad, Stuart.

“He sees how they manage their diabetes and he does the exact same thing.”

Hockey, though, seems to break down Lamm’s body. It’s not unusual for his blood-sugar levels to be low.

“He keeps a medical bag on the bench with him,” said Donna Lamm. “He has everything in that bag that he might need during the game.”

That bag acts as a reminder of what Lamm goes through. “It just seems normal to me know,” admits Lamm.

But it’s hard to imagine having endured more than 19-thousand finger pricks and a similar number of insulin shots being normal.

“You know he’s taken the challenge and he just does what he has to do every day,” said Donna Lamm.

“He understands this is just how his life is for now until we find a  cure,” said Stuart Lamm.

In the meantime, Lamm stays focused on the sport he loves.

“I’m kind of getting down to the end of my competitive hockey career most likely so I’m trying to make the most of it,” Lamm said.

You could say he’s done the same with his approach to life.


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