‘Serial’ peeping tom suspect arrested again in SC

Travis Al Jeron Cousar

OCK HILL, S.C. (WBTV) – A “serial” peeping tom suspect has been arrested and charged again in South Carolina, police say.

Travis Al Jeron Cousar, 34, was in Rock Hill Municipal Court Friday morning on a peeping tom charge. A judge set his bond at $100,000.

According to a officials, a 26-year-old woman was doing her hair in her bedroom when she saw a man watching her through the window.

She recognized the suspect as her neighbor, who she identified as Cousar.

“My daughter is restless, she cannot sleep, she’s so on edge,” said Melissa Boyer, mother of the alleged victim.

The alleged victim “got up and struck the pane of the glass Cousar was looking through,” and Cousar went back home, the report said.

“She’s uncomfortable, which means I have been staying at her house trying to make sure that she knows that there’s nothing going to happen,” Boyer said.

Cousar has been arrested and charged numerous times in the past several years, police say.

Cousar pleaded guilty to a 2014 peeping tom incident in February 2015, and was sentenced to 18 months, prosecutors said.

Solicitor Kevin Brackett said the maximum penalty for the peeping tom charge is three years, with no enhancement for repeat offenders.

Brackett added that a voyeurism charge does have an enhancement for repeat offenders that can carry up to five years, but prosecutors must prove a suspect is gratifying a sexual desire or photographing the incident.

According to Brackett, peeping tom offenders are eligible after they serve 25 percent of a sentence.

After his plea in February, Cousar was credited with time served from the June 2014 arrest and was recently released from jail.
With so many previous trips to jail, Boyer wonders if Cousar would be better served some place else if he’s found to be guilty of the crime.

“It’s not even all about the jail time, he needs to serve time, but he needs help as well, he needs to see that what he’s doing, how he’s terrorizing people, that there’s something that he’s dealing with inside that needs to be taken care of,” Boyer said.

Cousar was still in jail on the peeping tom charge as of Friday afternoon.

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