Video shows hooded woman, masked person outside NC home

MORGANTON, N.C. (WBTV) – A Morganton woman says surveillance video at her home shows that at least three people tried to break into her home by convincing her to let them in. Her warning for you: don’t fall for it.

The woman, whose name we will not reveal, says she was at home Thursday night with her husband when a woman knocked on her door.

The woman was wearing a hoodie when she attempted to open the front door of the home around 9:39 p.m. Thursday night, the video shows. That’s when another person appears at the bottom of the stairs.

The homeowner says the woman then knocked on the door and the second person began to look into the window. A third person appeared at the stairs about a minute later.

After being on the porch about two minutes, the woman began to bang on the door loudly. That’s when the homeowner turned on the porch lights.

“She said ‘It’s me. My boyfriend dropped me off. We got into a fight and I need to use the phone’,” the homeowner told WBTV. The woman claimed to be a person named Stacy.

The homeowner said she didn’t know the woman.

“You can’t come in to use the phone,” she told the woman. “You need to go somewhere else.”

The homeowner explained when she was speaking to the woman through the door she couldn’t see anyone else.

“At that time we hadn’t watched them walk up on the recorder. So, we had no idea this guy was waiting. After I told her, ‘No, you can’t use the phone.’ She was just acting shady wouldn’t let me see her face. I just knew something wasn’t right about it,” she explained.

That’s when the woman got mad and uncovered her face. She takes a step backwards and the video shows the person at the bottom of the stairs is wearing a mask made popular in the movie “Scream.”

“I flipped out. I absolutely couldn’t believe that there was actually, if I would have opened that door there was people that’s gonna come into my home,” she said.

The knocker then left and went to a car waiting by the street.

The homeowner said she was scared by what she saw when she looked back at the video and couldn’t sleep. She called her neighbors to warn them about what had occurred.

She wants to share her story to warn others not to let people they don’t know into their home.

In the video she says it very simply: “Never open your door for strangers.”

We showed the video to a Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police officer, Chris Kopp. Kopp is a crime prevention specialist.

“Don’t rely on the little chain you have on your door to be the only thing between your safety and somebody trying to kick in your door,” Kopp said.

He says the homeowner’s advice is good and encourages others to call the police, when they are in similar situations. Police say you always want to make it appear like someone is home. So what this woman did was right, turn on the porch light, address the person and don’t open the door. Kopp says if you are speaking to someone through the door you can even say I’m going to call 911.

“For police call 911, we will prioritize what we feel is more important than another but we want an officer to check out who they are,” Kopp said.

According to Kopp, you should report anything suspicious to the police. Let officers make the decision if no crime has been committed.

“We need to know what is happening in your neighborhood,” he said.

The homeowner says she hadn’t called police, but after hearing his reaction she says she now will.

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