Gathering held in Raleigh to show support for victims in Paris

RALEIGH, NC (WNCN) — The French flag flew in Raleigh as hundreds of people gathered to show solidarity with Paris.

‘Today I think all of us are here to show support and also to draw comfort from being among other French people as well,” said Bernadette Morris. She’s been in the US for years, but her family is still in Paris and still reeling from the attacks.

“Everybody’s safe. I cannot say they’re fine but they’re safe.”

Those who attended the rally said it was helpful to see so many people in the Triangle supporting the people of Paris.

“It touches my heart that so many people support France,” said organizer Marie-Claire Rebeill.

“We’re drawing a lot of comfort knowing not only French citizens are here but we are joined against many different nationalities because it’s a crime against all of us, not just the French people, but it’s a crime against humanity,” added Morris.

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