NC woman takes over $800K home for sale

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) – Neighbors in the Piper Glen neighborhood are concerned about a woman who has taken residence of an $800,000 home in the upscale community.

Ninti El Bey, 42, was arrested for second-degree trespassing. Court records show she occupied the home on Kelly Woods Lane without authorization after having been notified not to enter the Piper Glen home. Court documents show Chase Bank owns the home.


Neighbors are upset.

“It’s not something we can allow as a society,” a concerned neighbor said. “Because if I see a home for sale or anyone sees a home for sale, ‘Oh this is what suits me, I’ll take this,’ and use the courts as a means to obtain that – it’s ridiculous.”

Neighbors who are too afraid to be identified say they want this nightmare to go away.

“So we are on guard,” one neighbor said. “It’s not right. We’re just keeping our distance – what I think about it? I hate it.”

El Bey told WBTV that she has documentation to prove she belongs in the home.

“Anything I do,” El Bey said, “Has already been founded on law.”

She said that she is part of the International Indigenous Trust and that trust has an agreement with the bank that owns the house. She claims that agreement is proof she is in the house legally.

“It is not the normal chain of events,” she said, “in the way it was acquired.” She said the trust has had a relationship with Chase for a while. And the paperwork is all the proof she needs.

“This is why it’s mind boggling to them,” El Bey said. “Because they don’t know this part of the game and I am not trying to give up the game that’s why I haven’t told them anything.”

“I just want to have normal neighbors,” the neighbor said. “Like I’ve had my whole entire life.”

Court documents also show El Bey is counter-suing Charlotte Mecklenburg Police for alleging crimes against indigenous people. The complaint reads the family is part of the Yamasee Moorish Nation. The complaint states on Oct. 20, several police officers came and tried to evict El Bey without eviction papers. The complaint also claims police showed bias and called the victim offensive names.

“They are going to have to pay,” El Bey said. “For all of this trouble they have put me and my children through.”

In the meantime, the lawyer representing the Piper Glen Homeowners Association tells WBTV he will call the bank to have the water and power turned off and will try to get a higher bond if El Bey is arrested again. El Bey’s bond was set at $1,000. Her next court date is Nov. 23.

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