Travelers should reach airports 2 hours early as security tightens

MORRISVILLE, N.C. (WNCN) – Make sure to plan ahead and allow plenty of time if you’re flying for the Thanksgiving holiday.

Analysts are saying security will be tighter in light of the Paris terror attacks.

However local officials say passengers won’t be seeing anything different. Even if there was heightened security, we might not necessarily be told about it.

For safety reasons airport officials do not discuss security practices.

And although security was not discussed in Thursday’s RDU Airport Authority Board meeting, the tragedy in Paris was acknowledged.

A member of the board started the meeting by saying, “I’m going to ask that we take a moment of silence to just reflect on maybe prayers or whatever you want to do on the loss that we had there.”

“We announced we would have a non-stop flight service to Paris beginning in May, so we did want to recognize our friends in Paris,” said RDU Communications Director, Mindy Hamlin.

Hamlin says it will be business as usual for the travel holiday at RDU and that TSA has not raised security levels for them.

“We are at the highest levels of security as we have been for years, and we continue to follow the guidelines as they are given to us by TSA,” she said.

AAA estimates 46.9 million people will be traveling over the holiday and 3.6 million of those will be flying.

“I have been worried, yes. I always have to think about it every time we fly, it’s not easy anymore,” said Tracy Hogan. She was traveling to Boston with her two children.

But, Hogan and other travelers say it will not change their plans.

“We just fly because we want to and we don’t want to stop living,” said Hogan.

“I have confidence in our system of travel and I wouldn’t want to let the terrorists change the way I do business or my lifestyle,” said Mike Kaisersatt.

Hamlin says they are expecting to have 5 percent more people traveling through RDU next weekend than last year, so she recommends folks get here two hours before their flight.


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