NC dad pulls wife, 2 children to safety after tree crashes into house

Courtesy: WBTV

STATESVILLE, N.C. (WBTV) – An Iredell County father, Randall Mason, said he was doing what any dad would do when he rushed to pull his wife and two children from beneath a tree that had crushed the family’s mobile home.

It happened at the family’s home on Ford Farm Road in Iredell County, about ten miles north of Statesville. A band of heavy rain was pushing through the area at the time.

“I was actually sitting on the couch asleep about 11, 11:15, and I heard a crack and it sounded like thunder, house started shaking, I heard them yelling, calling me,” Mason said. “There was a small hole there at the doorway and I started trying to pull them out and get them out of the house.”

Ashley Mason and two of the couple’s three children were in the bedroom. The tree had fallen directly over the bedroom and crushed the roof and outer wall, coming to a stop right over their heads.

“I couldn’t see them I could just hear them, I didn’t know if anybody was hurt or what was going on in there,” Mason added.

Mason was able to reach through that small hole and pull everyone to safety.

“It’s amazing that anybody survived,” Mason said.

Mason says it’s going to be a big job to get the tree removed from the house, and even then he isn’t sure the mobile home can be saved. Family members, friends, and neighbors were stopping by all morning to offer any help that they could to the family.

“I think right now we just ask that people pray,” Ashleigh Mason said.

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