UNC chancellor Folt sidesteps questions on raise

WNCN asks Chancellor Folt about her pay raise. (WNCN)

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. (WNCN) – UNC Chancellor Carol Folt sidestepped questions Thursday night about her salary increase, a raise that was pushed through at a controversial meeting of the UNC system Board of Governors.

Folt’s salary will rise from $520,000 to $570,000. She was one of 12 of 17 chancellors to get a raise.

The raises were discussed in private at a Board of Governors meeting and voted on in private. The private vote raised questions from media companies, and the raises drew some concerns from faculty in a time of tight budgets.

Lou Bissette, the interim chair of the UNC Board of Governors, told a key General Assembly committee Wednesday that he will move for more openness on similar votes in the future.

Asked about her response to how the vote was handled, Folt said, “I’ve been very busy with this. I have not actually read it. We’ve had a Board of Trustees meeting.”

Pressed on the matter by a WNCN reporter, Folt said, “You’re asking me about something I haven’t read. I really don’t like to comment on things I don’t know.”

One faculty group called Faculty Forward has urged the chancellors to reject the raises.

Folt did not address whether she would accept the raise.

A UNC spokesman cut off questions for Folt after WNCN asked about the raise.

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