Police impersonator sexually assaults daughter of Ft. Bragg soldier, authorities say

A sketch of the suspect.

FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. (WNCN) – The Fayetteville Police Department and special agents with the U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Command at Fort Bragg are investigating a sexual assault that occurred Nov. 18 and was perpetrated by a suspected police impersonator.

The assault happened around 6 p.m. on Wednesday on Bragg Boulevard between the city limits of Fayetteville and the city limits of Spring Lake.

Authorities believe the victim of the assault was traveling from Fayetteville toward Spring Lake on Bragg Boulevard when she was stopped by a tan or gold four-door, unmarked police car with a blue light on the dashboard.

The victim told investigators that the suspect approached her and asked for her driver’s license and registration and told her he had stopped her for speeding. The suspect then made the victim get out of her car and forced her into a nearby wooded area where he sexually assaulted her.

The victim was then allowed to leave after the assault occurred. She is the daughter of a Fort Bragg soldier.

The suspect is described as a man in his late 20s to early 30s who is clean shaven, around 5 foot 7 and has a medium build. The victim said the suspect was wearing black or dark pants with a burgundy stripe down the legs, a gray button up short sleeve shirt with a collar with unknown patches on the sleeves, black framed sunglasses, and a “Smokey Bear” hat.

The victim said the man was not wearing a police duty belt and did not have a badge or nameplate on his shirt, but did have a pistol in a holster hanging from his pants pocket.

If an un-marked vehicle attempts to stop you, and you have a valid reason to question whether it is a real law enforcement officer or not, immediately slow down just under the posted speed limit, move into the right hand travel lane, turn on your emergency flashers, continue driving to a well-lit location with people around, obeying all traffic laws, and call 911 to confirm that it is a law enforcement officer behind you.

Anyone with information regarding the sexual assault is asked to contact the U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Command at Ft. Bragg at (910) 635-1758. People may also email Army CID Crime Tips at: usarmy.belvoir.usacidc.mail.crime-tips@mail.mil or call 1-844-ARMY-CID.

Additionally, anyone with information can contact the Fayetteville Police Department at (910) 257-3668, or Crimestoppers at (910) 483-TIPS (8477).

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