Raleigh Rescue Mission to deliver more than 800 meals on Thanksgiving

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – Thanks to volunteers at the Raleigh Rescue Mission, hundreds of people will have a warm meal on their doorstep this Thanksgiving.

Making sure all those people have a nice Thanksgiving meal is no easy task. The work is hard, but it’s also rewarding, Raleigh Rescue Mission’s chef Kirby Smith, said.

“Just to be able to provide a nice, warm meal for these folks who can’t do it themselves. I mean, it’s really a great time of the year for us to be able to do that.”

Smith has been at it for three years, but the tradition of feeding people on Thanksgiving at the Mission has been going on even longer.

It takes more than 100 volunteers, and about 100 turkeys, to make it happen.

Preparations started Wednesday, more than a week before Thanksgiving.

The Raleigh Rescue Mission used to feed several hundred people at the shelter on Thanksgiving, and they still serve about 150 meals to those who stay there, but over time the focus has shifted to also serve people who are disabled or can’t get out of their house.

The program is called “Gobbles to Go” and volunteers will deliver 800 of those meals to go, plus those who receive a meal will also receive a box of food to help them get through the weekend.

“When you knock on the door and they come to the door, it’s just nothing but happiness and thankfulness to know that that person today is going to at least have a meal that somebody had put a lot of time into it and thought a lot about it and is willing to bring it to them with a happy face,” said Lynn Daniell, executive director of the Raleigh Rescue Mission.

Donations are always needed this time of the year.

In the final three months of the year, the Mission serves about 45,000 meals total.

Included in that total is Thanksgiving, plus three meals per day, seven days per week for the people at the shelter.

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