Some drug dealers face longer sentences because of where they deal

MAYSVILLE, Ala. (WKRG) – Those arrested in the drug raids in the Maysville community Thursday night and Friday will see extra time added on to their sentence because of an “enhancement zone.”

The string of raids were so important, the Mobile County District Attorney came out to see it in person.

“This is an initiative that is extremely important. It is extremely important that we get these drug dealers out of this neighborhood and in jail,” said Mobile District Attorney Ashley Rich.

She wants to see them spend even more time in jail. These drug dealers all deal out of houses that are within a three-mile radius of several public and private schools. For that, police can apply the “school zone enhancement.”

“With the mandatory sentencing guidelines, it’s become increasingly difficult for us to apply the school zone enhancement, but we are still doing that and we will continue to do that because we feel so strongly that our kids deserve a right and a drug-free school zone and they deserve to get to that school in a safe manner,” said Rich.

The enhancement automatically adds another five years in jail onto whatever sentence the judge passes down. Part of the raid took place on Cottell Street. One house was boarded up and the owner now faces a temporary restraining order. He’ll have to go to court and ask to have the rights to his house back. Putting these drug dealers behind bars for an even longer sentence, Rich said, will enrich the community’s quality of life.

“Recently we had a homicide case where three young people who were supposed to be in school were going and living in abandoned house after abandoned house after abandoned house and finally they killed a man for money. And the more houses that we can destroy or bring up to code so that they’re actual livable conditions and there are no drug dealers or criminal activity involved, the safer our community’s going to be.”

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