Raleigh store named in honor of 3 Muslim shooting victims, service projects created

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – An old thrift store in Raleigh has a new name and purpose. It’s called My Deah’s Goodwill and it’s part of The Light House Project, which was created in response to the murders of three Muslim students in Chapel Hill.


“I won’t ever get an answer ‘why’, but I know that I can make something out of it,” said Farris Barakat.

Barakat’s brother, Deah, was one of three victim’s murdered in Chapel Hill, nine months ago. Deah’s wife, Yusor, and her sister, Razan Abu-Salha, were also killed.

“My brother, Yusor, and Razan left a very clear message of service,” Barakat told WNCN.

Since the tragedy, Barakat and his father have been working on that message, it’s where the idea of The Light House Project came from.

Fatima Zohra Hedadji, who works with The Light House Project, said, “Deah translates in Arabic to mean ‘light’, and so that just kind of carries it all. When you have times of darkness, times of tragedy, like this one, you respond with light and you shed light on these issues.”

There are three purposes to the project, according to Barakat: to help give more of an understanding to who American-Muslims are, responding in a positive light annually on the day of their deaths, Feb. 10, and transitioning Deah’s old Durham home into a place for the community.

“The way we respond to tragedy maters,” Barakat said. “The way the family responded to tragedy was in a sense of pushing for good, not fighting fire with fire.”

The Light House Project also helped transition the Barakat’s family thrift store into MY Deah’s Goodwill.

“It just adds so much more meaning,” Hedadji said. “It honors Deah Barakat, and his wife, and sister-in law, Yusor and Razan.”

When you shop there, the money will go to My Project USA. The non-profit is an initiative addressing the challenges facing young American-Muslims.

“Now their names are synonymous with service, and giving back, and being true American-Muslims,” Barakat said.

MY Deah’s Goodwill is off Beryl Road in Raleigh and is now open for shoppers.

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