How did female TV meteorologists across the US end up wearing the same dress design?

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – Every once in a while, meteorologists may produce the exact same forecast, but getting them to wear the exact same clothing is very rare.


Now, a certain dress has accidentally become a trend and spread across the country on local TV news — at more than 50 TV stations.

In the last few days, female meteorologists all over the country have been spotted on local TV wearing the exact same dress design.

A photo collage has been created with many of those women in the various colors of the dress in front of weather maps.

The trend was an accident — the women who bought the dress say they share fashion tips and ideas in a “secret” social media group, said WNCN’s Kristin Ketchell, who wore the dress on Sunday morning for the first time.

“One woman posted the link to the dress in the group, others bought it and posted photos and the dress’ popularity just took off,” Ketchell said.

The deal for the dress on for $23 was apparently too good for many to pass up.

It was “an amazing deal for dresses that look trendy but also professional enough to wear on TV. It also has sleeves!” Ketchell said.

Well, in the last few days, many female meteorologists received the dress in the mail and took to the airwaves with the weather forecast — all dressed in the same dress design (some even in the same colors).

“The power of social media and word of mouth is incredible,” Ketchell said.

“We have been jokingly calling it ‘The sisterhood of the traveling dress’,” she said

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